General conditions


1.1 Train2Release Personal Training & Vitality Coaching, Kvk (Amsterdam) nr 61113298 in these terms and conditions further referred to as Train2Release.
1.2 Member: a member is a customer who, through a signed agreement, has agreed to be a user of Train2Release's services for an agreed period of time.


2.1 All members receive these terms and conditions before signing the agreement.
2.2 Upon signing the agreement between Train2Release and member, member is deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions by signing.
2.3 The terms and conditions apply when purchasing all services offered by Train2Release, namely Personal Training and Coaching and all packages offered as well as promotions.
2.4 The management of Train2Release is entitled to supplement and/or amend these terms and conditions as necessary.
2.5 If a situation arises between the parties that is not regulated in these general terms and conditions, then this situation should be judged in the spirit of these general terms and conditions.


3.1 Before signing an agreement, all members must have an intake interview with one of the certified personal coaches for medical history. In order to exercise responsibly and prevent injuries, Train2Release's personal coaches need to be aware of any medical restrictions.
3.2 The medical history is discussed on the basis of a medical history form after which, having been fully reviewed with member, it must be signed.


Personal data of the client is kept strictly confidential and not made available to third parties. This data is only used for administrative purposes within Train2Release and responsible guidance during training and coaching.


5.1 Membership with Train2Release means that a member agrees to a 6 monthly subscription for any of the packages purchased. except Personal Training package and Personal Health Plan. Personal Training has a minimum lesson purchase of 15 lessons and Personal Health has a minimum lead time of 1 month. The number of training or coaching sessions per month is determined in consultation. In these training sessions, member is professionally coached in a training studio of Train2Release and/or a location of your choice at the desired time of member.
5.2 Given the customized guidance, a package is not transferable.
5.3 A membership with Train2Release is personalized. A training session takes place at least once a week.
5.4 Membership officially starts on the day of signing the agreement (intake form). During the term of a package it is not possible to switch to another package in the interim. It is not possible for member to terminate a subscription early.
5.5 If a package ends because the subscription period of 6 months expires and no new package is purchased by the member, this also means automatic termination of membership.
5.6 The management of Train2Realease reserves the right to increase or decrease package rates on an interim basis. Any change may be made once a year with an increase percentage of up to 6%. The rate change will take effect for member upon completion of a package with a 6-month lead time. The new rate will apply to the subsequent package.
5.7 In case of prolonged illness which makes member unable to complete training sessions, a medical certificate from a family doctor is necessary. Membership will then be terminated immediately.


6.1 Once Train2Release and the member have agreed on a package and the agreement has been signed by the member, Train2Release will send an invoice requiring payment within 7 days of the invoice date. must be met.
6.2 Train2Release's services are subject to the VAT 9% rate. The prices quoted are per training session and include VAT.
6.3 The member must transfer the amount due to Train2Release's account by bank transfer within 7 days. If this deadline is exceeded, the member will receive a payment reminder after which they have 14 days to pay the amount due by return of post. A €10 administration fee will be charged. If after this procedure member remains in default of payment again, a collection agency will be engaged, whereby costs are for the account of member, plus statutory interest.
6.4 Train2Release reserves the right to postpone the provision of services if the member has not yet paid the amount due.


7.1 Train2Release is not liable for any injuries or (physical/mental) harm and resulting costs as a result of training. Our coaches are all qualified and will guide you in all expertise during training sessions. If member decides not to follow verbal and/or written instructions from a personal coach, this is entirely at member's own risk. In case of physical complaints, member is obliged to report this to the personal coach before the start of the training.
7.2 Train2Release is not liable for any loss, theft or damage to your property. 


8.1 Training dates will be mutually agreed upon.
8.2 Should the member be unable to attend, they must notify Train2Release by telephone at least 12 hours prior to an appointment. Together with the personal coach concerned, a new appointment will then be scheduled. Should the member fail to do so, the cost of the services will still be charged. Should the member repeatedly fail to keep appointments or fail to attend training sessions on time, Train2Release reserves the right to terminate the agreement prematurely without any compensation and refund any package already paid.
8.3 If the personal coach is unable to attend due to force majeure, a new appointment will be scheduled that same week.
8.4 Train2Release is entitled to terminate the agreement if the member fails to fulfill its obligations established verbally or in writing. 


9.1 If the training takes place in Train2Release's training studio, the member should use indoor shoes and a towel for hygiene purposes.
9.2 All items such as training and nutrition schedules provided by Train2Release remain the property of Train2Release and may not be published to any third party under any circumstances.


10.1 Travel expenses incurred to Train2Release's training studio or outdoor location by member will not be reimbursed by Train2Release.
10.2 For a training location selected by member, travel expenses will be charged. This is €0.19 euro cents per kilometer. 


In the event of complaints, the member can refer to the management of Train2Release. Any disputes relating to the formation, interpretation or performance of the agreement may be brought before the competent court in the district where Train2Release is based. In all cases, Dutch law is applicable.