Personalized on training, nutrition and vitality.

As soon as you step into our training location you immediately feel: this is unlike anything else. A kind of gym 2.0: personal, homely and atmospheric. So in 2018, with our Holistic Personal Gym and unique approach, we were voted best personal trainer of North Holland province by Dutch Fitness Awards.

At Train2release you work on your physical and mental fitness under the personal guidance of professionals. We stand for a healthy, happy and conscious lifestyle and help you create the right balance between body and mind.

In our personal gym you can alternate physically intensive group classes such as Insanity and Bootcamp with spiritual & relaxation classes. We also offer holistic relaxation massages and you can make your own healthy juices in our smoothie bar.

You can also think of us as a 2nd home base. We find it very important that every customer feels welcome and at ease. Our offer, the interior of the gym and the way we guide you is fully tailored to that. Personal attention is our number one priority.

We guide you from A to Z in your personal process to a healthy lifestyle. Have you already tried everything, but do you just not manage to keep those healthy goals? Give yourself the attention you deserve and discover the added value of training in private groups.

Train2release offers a place of peace and space for yourself in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
We look forward to meeting you. You are therefore welcome to visit our studio.

"A healthy mind in a healthy body, in short a healthy happy lifestyle."

Faziel Khodabaks

Personal trainer and Mental coach

As one of the most highly regarded and successful personal trainers for over 15 years, Faziel is a specialist in the field of sports, nutrition and changing lifestyle. Starting with strength and combat sports, Faziel became increasingly triggered by the positive effects of sports on people's mental states. He developed into a personal trainer and specialized in the field of obesity, strength sports, fitness training and sports-specific training. Because of his years of experience in the sports industry, he knows exactly what does and does not work in achieving physical and mental goals.

The importance of mental strength
Achieving goals is what Faziel is known for with his clients. They initially had only a physical goal, which they were unable to achieve after years of trying. All of them were (unconsciously) dealing with fear of failure, a negative self-image or high work pressure. We are often apparently unaware of this, or much too late. Faziel knows better than anyone what negative effects mental blocks can have on your body in the long run. It is about creating a healthier lifestyle and that goes far beyond physical training alone. He believes that mental strength is of greater value than is often thought. Personal trainers usually focus 80% on training and 20% on mental aspects. Faziel thinks this is outdated. The greater the mental strength, the more likely physical goals will be achieved!

What can I do for you?
Faziel guarantees service and quality. His powerful and positive personality makes him a natural motivator, an inspiration who without a doubt knows how to bring out the best in you. He listens, inspires and knows unerringly where the bottlenecks lie. Personal attention is paramount to him, and that goes hand in hand with achieving results.

His vision? "Every body spirit and mind matters. It's about allowing yourself to achieve your goals and become the person you want to be.

What is our approach?


We find it very important that every customer feels welcome and at ease. Personal attention is therefore our top priority. We have therefore deliberately chosen a small-scale gym. 

You will immediately notice that the contact (with both trainers and fellow athletes) is much more personal and intense than you might be used to from a gym. In an introductory meeting we will discuss your wishes and together choose the package that suits you best.

Type of guidance

You can take classes with us both 1 on 1, and in small groups of up to 10 participants. You can also combine this perfectly. Do you like to work on your goals privately, or do you prefer to experience the vibe of working out in a group? All combinations are possible. We don't turn exercise into an assignment, but into a feel-good vibe! One thing is certain, we always give you our full attention. We go for an intensive cooperation in which your personal growth is central.