Personal training Haarlem

Looking for personal training Haarlem? Are you looking for a personal trainer in Haarlem? Then come along for a free trial training at Train2Release. Our Trainer Faziel Khodabaks is elected as the best Personal Trainer from Haarlem and surroundings and is in the top 10 best Personal Trainers in the Netherlands!

Personal training Haarlem and surroundings

- Do you want to feel physically and mentally stronger?
- Would you like 6 weeks of a customized program specifically targeting goals?
- Would you like to be trained and coached by holistic Personal trainers 1 on 1 or in small Group?

Personal training Haarlem Train2Release offers a total package to reach your physical goals in a responsible way. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle mass, improve your condition or sport specific training, at Train2Release Personal Training in Haarlem everything is possible.

Would you like to learn about our gym?

With our special introductory program you will work for 6 weeks on the right training, the right nutrition, mindset and knowledge regarding the creation of a healthy lifestyle.

- 6 weeks of free Small Group Personal Training
- 6 x Personal Training 1 on 1
- Personalized nutrition advice plus customized schedule
- Weekly App contact to keep you on your toes and motivated
- Results, Personal attention, Fun, Energy and Motivation!
- Before and after measurement, so you know exactly where you stand

Are you excited and do you really want to get started creating a fit body? Request a trial session now!
Personal trainer Haarlem


Functional fitness

To achieve physical goals, you don't have to run down a bunch of fixed fitness machines. We train with loose elements such as kettlebells, dumbells and sandbags using varied and innovative training methods such as Insanity Training, Bootcamp Small Group Training, Functional Fitness, Crossfit and H.I.T. (High Intensity Training). The variety of workouts keeps it fun and keeps you motivated to keep going.

At Train2Release Personal training Haarlem we are therefore completely focused on you! We see the bottlenecks and give you tailor-made advice. You will notice immediate results. We make you body conscious again. Above all, we find it important that you feel good about your lifestyle change and we take into account your wishes, needs and daily activities.

In addition to varied workouts, we focus on creating a healthy diet with a vitality coach. We give you all the tips and tools to learn to live healthier and more consciously. This is precisely why many choose the personal approach of Train2Release Personal training Haarlem

Will you get started on a fit body a healthy mindset?

Then request all the starting information about our introductory program today. Together with a personal coach you will then work on your personal goals in 6 weeks.